Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care Instructions

  1. Try to keep your jewelry as dry as possible.  
    1. Please remove jewelry before washing dishes or clothing.  
    2. Do not expose to the following
      • water
      • dish washing soap
      • hand soap
      • perfume
      • silver cleaner
      • any harsh chemicals
  2. Please be sure to store your jewelry properly to ensure it does not tangle or twist.
    • Memory Wire Bracelets can become misshapen, therefore it is imperative that you store it in a manner that it does not hang or lose its shape.  
  3. Use anti tarnish paper or an eye glass cloth when storing jewelry for long periods of time. 

Jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.  


  • Using a jewelry cleaning cloth is the best method for cleaning your purchases from E+F
  • Soap & water method
    • Add a small amount of water and dish detergent to a soft bristled tooth brush
    • Gently scrub away any smudges or grime
    • Rinse with a cloth dipped in water
    • Lay jewelry flat to dry