Our Story

The Women Behind Earth + Fire

Earth + Fire is a Daughter & Mother Team of Creatives making original handmade jewelry & art. We use healing crystals that, we hope, resonates with your natural spirit.  Earth + Fire is the brainchild of Krystal Teela Shalise, and Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah who started making jewelry as a hobby to wear themselves, and later turned into a business.  Using our combined energies, styles, tastes and personalities, we create the beautiful products you find on this website.

Meet Earth

Krystal Teela Shalise

Lover of all things ART, this scatter brained perfectionist loves to create! From digital paintings to videos, Krystal is always in the midst of some type of project. As a means to decompress and take breaks from technology Krystal recently stumbled into the world of jewelry making and fell in love. She has always had a love for crystals and all things natural, so the transition into jewelry artist was an easy one. Here at Earth + Fire, Krystal not only makes jewelry, but also creates one of a kind paintings and self-care items. Krystal is at her happiest when she is creating and hopes one of her creations can bring that same happiness to another.

Meet Fire

Tami [Khajaana]

Tami has always been a jewelry lover. Attending local events and conventions to find jewelry that fit her unique style. Learning later in life to create her own jewelry, she used her unique style to create statement pieces to grace her wrists, fingers, neck, and ankles. Those who saw her jewelry soon began asking if her pieces were for sale. Realizing that people actually loved and wanted her jewelry, Earth + Fire became her new full-time job and obsession. Being a bit of a hot head Aries, Tami represents the FIRE in Earth+Fire. Her motto is “There is nothing better in life than getting paid to do something you love.”