SOLD – Mother of Pearl Chips + Pink Botswana Agate Bracelet

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Mother of Pearl Large Chips & Pink Botswana Agate 10mm Handmade Bracelet with latch

Mother of Pearl: Natural mother-of-pearl shell has tremendous spiritual value for those whose high goals and attitudes keep them feeling stressed. Mother-of-pearl shell is commonly believed to attract prosperity and is often used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity, and imagination. It is believed that mother-of-pearl shell offers soothing, motherly protection from negative energy and love. Due to this, mother-of-pearl shell is a recommended crystal healing gemstone for children. Mother-of-pearl shell turns on the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Throat Chakra.

Pink Botswana Agate: Botswana agate is traditionally believed to ward off spiders. It’s also commonly used to improve attention to detail, increase positivity and waken your sense of adventure. Agates were used in ancient times as talismans to protect the wearer from storms, to quench thirst and to bring good luck–all important things for surviving in the subtropics. For proponents of energy work and crystal healing, Botswana agate is believed to be beneficial for anyone connected to fire or smoke. In its raw state, Botswana agate looks like the human brain, so it is also thought to be effective for brain-related conditions. It is believed to stimulate the crown chakra.

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1 review for SOLD – Mother of Pearl Chips + Pink Botswana Agate Bracelet

  1. Karen Gall

    If you can make another I will be there on Saturday. There are another of items but it seems to be sold out. Tell me what to do due order

    • Tami ~ Khajaana

      Hi Karen. We are going to the Gem show this weekend coming up. I can get the stones you want there and make it the following week. The Saxony Market has ended for us but the bracelet will be placed on the site when its made and an email will be sent to you with the link.

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