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SOLD – Red Riverstone + Bulls Eye Agate Handmade Stretch Bracelet with Silver Accents


Red Riverstone 10mm + Bulls Eye Agate 10mm  Handmade Stretch Bracelet with Silver Plated Accents

  • Healing Properties:
    • Red Riverstone: The considerable energy of Riverstone is thought to invigorate the aura and facilitate change and resolution to one’s inward and outward processes. It is also thought to enliven physical as well as mental activities such as problem-solving and meditation leading to more profound spiritualization. Riverstone is linked to the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Libra.
    • Bulls Eye Agate:  bull’s eye agate is closely tied to the earth chakra. It allows for the transference of energy from the spiritual bodies into the earthly and increased awareness by increasing calmness and awareness. It allows the user to achieve tangible goals by allowing them to focus their efforts and energy.

** Disclaimer ** All jewelry is handmade and most we designed with healing gemstones and crystals, with some glass beads included.  If glass beads are included it will be denoted in the information above.  Most bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are unique, one of a kind pieces, with duplicates made by request and at our discretion.  Please be advised that Earth + Fire cannot & does not guarantee the healing properties of any particular gemstone or crystal.  Information is gathered from several different sites and books.  Healing property info is given above to inform you of their possible potential only. 

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