Tourmaline + Diopside Ankh Necklace



  • Tourmaline ~ Tourmaline grounds spiritual energy, balancing chakras and auric bodies. Tourmaline forms a protective shield while helping the wearer understand oneself and others. This stone promotes self-confidence, diminishes fear, banishes any feelings of victimization while attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

    Chakras: Earth, Protects All
    Zodiac: Libra, (varies according to color)

  • Diopside ~ assists you in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you, facilitating in you making the first approach if necessary. Diopside increases compassion and humility, opening your heart and mind to the suffering of others and encourages you to be of service to that planet. Diopside is a useful healing stone for those who cannot show grief, it promotes letting go and forgiveness.Zodiac: Virgo

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