Rose Quartz ~ Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz is a gentle stone that I often use when making jewelry for young girls or my clients that request AKA bracelets.  I love the calming loving energy it gives when worn.  If you never wear Rose Quartz you should buy a piece and place its your home just for the harmonious energy it emits in the home. 

To make it simple, Rose Quartz is associated with the following:

  • Keywords: Unconditional Love, Self Love, Empathy, Releasing Stress
  • Element: Water
  • Chakras: Heart, Higher Heart
  • Number: 7
  • Planet: Venus
  • Astrological: Taurus, Libra
  • Birthdates: Feb 2-4

The Ancient History of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz beads have been discovered in Mesopotamia, their use there dating back as far as 7000BC. Egyptian, Greek, Roman civilizations used it as a powerful talisman. Egyptians believed that Isis used the stone to prevent aging. Face masks were found in Egypt and Archeologist believed the early people of Egypt used them as a beauty treatment to keep their skin young and clear. Assyrians crafted jewelry with Rose Quartz from 800 – 600 BC. Ancient Tibetan and Chinese revered the stone and used it as a token of love as far back as 600 BC.

Health Benefits

Rose Quartz is known for assisting the circulatory system, healing heart trauma; it lowers the blood pressure and can normalize a racing pulse, skipped beats, and irregular heart rhythm. It can also reduce the stress related to these issues, strengthening the heart to prevent future problems. Rose Quartz supports the chest, lungs, kidneys, and adrenal glands. Rose Quartz is good for premature babies, strengthening their hearts and helping them feel love energy when separated from the parent. It is also good stone for children with heart disease or other weakness. Rose Quartz can be used to assist the healing of blisters and burns. It assists with fertility and slows the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Senile Dementia. Rose Quartz can help those who suffer from vertigo by balancing the heart Chakra. Lastly, Rose Quartz is great for helping to ease pregnancy and childbirth.

Let’s Get (Meta)Physical

Rose Quartz turns the heart towards love, bathing the spirit and mind in a loving healing energy. It calms the mind, removing past emotional traumas, releasing worry, fear. Those wearing or near Rose Quartz feel more carefree and find that their interactions are more loving and harmonious. Rose Quartz stimulates, purifies, and opens the Heart Chakra. It is an emotional healer that helps release unexpressed emotions, heartache; healing deprivation and internalized pain. Rose Quartz gently coaxes the heart to open and be receptive to love in all forms and is known for attracting loving relationships. Rose Quartz is a grief comforter, helping to release the pain of losing loved ones. It can also help those close to death, ease their transition from this life.

Placing large pieces of Rose Quartz in each room fills the home or building with gentle loving energy, promoting a receptivity to beauty of all kinds. Rose Quartz can also stimulate the Crown, 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra by bringing them into harmony with the Heart. It is also good for those feeling anxiety or agitation because of its calming energy. Rose Quartz instills reassurance and encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance, self worth, self trust, and self love.

Powerful Combos

Abandonment issues: combine or use separately, Rose Quartz, Apache Tears, Amazonite, Garnet, Citrine, Obisdian & Carnelian
Abuse: combine or use separately, Rose Quartz, Yellow Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli & Garnet
Improved communication: combine or use separately, Rose Quartz, Sodalite and Aquamarine.  “Everything I say is with Love” is a great affirmation to repeat when using these stones for this purpose. 
Drawing Love: Wear Rose Quartz and Amethyst 

Personally, I have never been a big fan of pink so I wasn’t a fan of Rose Quartz. It was pretty and I have put it in several bracelets but it was never my go to. I’ve always liked the more earthly toned stones. I knew that Rose Quartz was good for the heart, love and beauty but that was it. It wasn’t until researching for this blog that I learned how powerful a stone it is. I didn’t include everything I learned for fear this post might be too long. Knowing what I know now, I will be adding it to my personal bracelets stacks.

Share your experiences with Rose Quartz in the comments. We would love to hear from you and learn about your encounters with Rose Quartz and what you feel it did or did not do for you.

Please Read

** Disclaimer ** All jewelry is handmade and most we designed with healing gemstones and crystals, with some glass beads included.  If glass beads are included it will be denoted in the information above.  Most bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are unique, one of a kind pieces, with duplicates made by request and at our discretion.  Please be advised that Earth + Fire cannot & does not guarantee the healing properties of any particular gemstone or crystal.  Information is gathered from several different sites and books.  Healing property info is given above to inform you of their possible potential only.
About the author

I’ve always loved rocks. As a child, at recess, I would collect the rocks on the playground. I remember my mother having to always empty my pockets before washing clothes. As an adult my love for rocks is just as strong but now I know what those beautiful rocks/gemstones do to heal the body, mind and spirit. I love making our beautiful jewelry. It makes me feel good to share the positive energy & love that flows through me and into each beautiful piece of healing gemstone jewelry I make for Earth + fire.

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