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Black + Magical

Over here at Earth and Fire, we’ve been working hard crafting fairy wings and creating new fantasy pieces inspired by #blackfaeday and #blackfaemay. If you haven’t heard, Black Fae Day, which takes place on May 8th, is a day where black cosplayers, makeup artists, crafters, and writers share their creations in the realm of fantasy and lore.

We’ve decided to go beyond the single day and keep the magic going throughout the entire month of May. The significance of #BlackFaeDay and #BlackFaeMay is to create a space that showcases black people as fairies, mermaids, witches, elves, and other mythical creatures and increase our representation in a realm we aren’t commonly seen. We believe Black is Magical and hope you enjoy what we were able to produce.

To learn more about #BlackFaeDay please visit @blackfaedayofficial and @brownsugarfaries on Instagram.

Also, if you’re interested in learning how we created our fairy wings for this shoot drop us a comment and I’ll whip up a how-to post on everything BlackFae!

Magic Makers

Kristin Shelby is #YourBeautyBestie. She’s skilled in everything makeup from natural glam to movie magic. Kristin’s blog, Kristin Shelby Slays, offers tips and tricks to step up your makeup, skincare and self-care routines! Whether you’re looking to be educated, entertained or affirmed, she has you covered! She can be found online at

Valerie is the owner and face of Zurri Boutique, a high quality and on-trend fashion boutique that strives to help every woman look and feel their best. Zurri Boutique carries some of the latest trends in premium hats, accessories, and sustainable apparel basics. Valerie can be found at

Terrian is the beautiful mind behind the blog Make Me Svelte. Make Me Svelte is a weight loss blog where Terrian shares her experience and maintains accountability, while inspiring other women to form healthy habits over perfection. She can be found at

Ajian is a local artist and 1/4 of the youtube channel Casual Gamers. You can find many of his jewelry pieces right here on Earth and Fire and at all of our in-person events this summer.

Black + Magical

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Lover of all things ART, this scatterbrained perfectionist loves to create! From digital paintings to videos, Krystal is always in the midst of some type of project. As a means to decompress and take breaks from technology Krystal recently stumbled into the world of jewelry making and fell in love. She has always had a love for crystals and all things natural, so the transition into jewelry artist was an easy one. Here at Earth + Fire, Krystal not only makes jewelry but also creates one of a kind paintings and self-care items. Krystal is at her happiest when she is creating and hopes one of her creations can bring that same happiness to another.
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