The Truth Teller Stone


Amazonite is one of my favorite stones to use in jewelry, its tropical mix of blues, greens & tans remind me of many colors of the Caribbean ocean and the beaches I’ve visited when going to Punta Cana, Jamaica & Mexico These are my favorite places to relax and rejuvenate.  Because I’m naturally drawn to Amazonite, I wanted it to be the first stone I truly researched and shared with you.

To make it simple Amazonite is associated with the following:

  • Truth, Communication, & Harmony
  • Element: Water
  • Chakras: Throat & Heart
  • Number: 5
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo

The Ancient History of Amazonite

Amazonite has been used as far back as 4,000 years ago in India, the Sudan, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.  Amazonite was a precious stone in ancient Egypt.  It was found in a scarab ring in Tutankhamen’s treasures in his tomb.  The seventh chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead is in engraved on Amazonite.  It was said to have been used in the breast plate of high priests and even Moses himself.  Amazonite was also found in the ruins of ancient Columbia and Central America and the Assyrians often linked Amazonite to their god Belus, the son of Poseidon and Libya. 

Health Benefits

Amazonite is said to be used to treat nervous system disorders.  It aids in dissipating energy blockages, balancing the improper flow of neural impulses as well as balancing the metabolic process in regard to calcium assimilation in the body.  It is a healing stone for many physical traumas and injuries by assisting with cell regeneration.  It is also a good stone for those with arthritis and gout.  It is known to aid in the prevention of hair loss and brittle nails.  When used as elixir 3 times a day, it can be used to help with osteoporosis, tooth deterioration, even assisting with dispersing muscle spasms. 

Let’s Get (Meta)Physical

Amazonite is known by many names:  The truth teller, the harmony stone, and the peace maker.  During conflict resolution, it helps the wearer communicate their true thoughts and feelings without excess emotion, keeping you balanced.  The stone also allows the wearer to be open to the other persons point of view in order to attain harmony.  Amazonite is a great stone for also identifying how words manifest and how to change the way you speak bring about a more aligned reality. 

When worn while sleeping or meditating, Amazonite it can help the dreamer/meditator bring into focus the symbolism of dreams and meditative thought.  With Amazonite being the truth stone, it helps one trust their dreams and intuitive thought as truth.  It is a magnifier of spoken intentions, activating the Throat Chakra when worn, bringing spoken word into being.

Wearing Amazonite can assist those that are unsure about their path by pushing them in the direction needed to help the wearer find their way.  It is a good gift to those who may be over concerned about the opinions and judgements of other people and also good for those who are being overly judge-mental and vocal about their judgements by aligning the words of the wearer with their actions. 

Lastly Amazonite is a boundary setter. It assists the wearer in being more proactive about setting boundaries for others who are energy vampires, while at the same time setting appropriate boundaries for oneself.

Powerful Combos

♦   To enhance the activation of the throat chakra, especially for those who tend to not speak up for fear of confrontation. Combine Amazonite with Aquamarine, Joite, Larimar, Aqua Aura Quartz, Chrysocolla and Turquoise to enhance this affect.

♦   To improve insight in regard to truth; combine Amazonite with Moldavite, Phenacite and / or Nuummite to assist with this affect.

♦   For clarity during out of body experiences or dreams, combine Amazonite to Azeztulite to assist with understanding and accurately communicating these experiences.

Personally, I have found that wearing Amazonite with Aqua Terra Jasper, Aquamarine and Green Aventurine put me in a very good mood.  I feel the positive energy from those around me.  It literally makes me feel good.  I find that I am not as sensitive to others negativity.   I also feel more confident in my appearance.  Tell us your favorite Amazonite combo and why.  We’d love to hear your feed back on your stonework and how Amazonite has assisted you in your everyday life.

Please Read

** Disclaimer ** All jewelry is handmade and most we designed with healing gemstones and crystals, with some glass beads included.  If glass beads are included it will be denoted in the information above.  Most bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are unique, one of a kind pieces, with duplicates made by request and at our discretion.  Please be advised that Earth + Fire cannot & does not guarantee the healing properties of any particular gemstone or crystal.  Information is gathered from several different sites and books.  Healing property info is given above to inform you of their possible potential only.
About the author

I’ve always loved rocks. As a child, at recess, I would collect the rocks on the playground. I remember my mother having to always empty my pockets before washing clothes. As an adult my love for rocks is just as strong but now I know what those beautiful rocks/gemstones do to heal the body, mind and spirit. I love making our beautiful jewelry. It makes me feel good to share the positive energy & love that flows through me and into each beautiful piece of healing gemstone jewelry I make for Earth + fire.

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