Stretch Bracelet Care
  • Don’t Stretch Your Bracelet
  • It is best to try not to stretch your bracelet when putting your bracelets on. Roll it over closed fingers to your wrist.  Do not widen your fingers to put on.  
  • We recommend that you do not sleep in your bracelets.
  • Stretch Bracelets do break after extended wear and the elasticity of the cord may begin to fail.  If your bracelet breaks, we ask that you collect all your stones, and contact us to get your bracelet repaired. 
Adjustable Bracelet Care
  • Our adjustable bracelets are the strongest and most dependable bracelet type.  Our adjustable bracelets are made with waxed polyester cord making them water resistant, but it is important to not get the cord of your bracelet or the stones wet to ensure the longevity of your bracelet. 
  • Please look below for specific gemstone care of your adjustable bracelet. 
  • Please be gentle when sliding the knot of your bracelet by gently tugging it to open or tighten it on your wrist. 
  • If your bracelet breaks, we ask that you collect all your stones and contact us to get your bracelet repaired. 
Earring Care
  • Your earrings should be the LAST thing you put on before going out the door.  
  • Avoid getting hair spray, hair oils, hair products, makeup, or perfumes on earrings.
  • Do not swim, shower, bath or submerge your jewelry in water / salt water
  • Please see metal and gemstone | crystal care for how to care for your specific gemstones and metal finish.
Necklace Care
  • As is recommended with all our jewelry, your necklace  should be the last thing you put on.  
  • Avoid getting perfumes and body oils on your necklace.
  • Some necklaces are wire wrapped, it is important to handle them with care to ensure you do not bend or separate your wire. 
  • Do not swim or submerge in water / salt water.
Metal Care

Most finishes on our handmade jewelry are metal plated copper and are tarnish & fade resistant.  Bracelets with spacers are plated stainless steel/copper.  To ensure your spacers do not turn we suggest the following: 

  • Do not get your jewelry wet.  Remove it when washing your hands, bathing, showering, swimming, etc. 
  • Do not put perfume or cologne on your jewelry.  Put your perfumes, colognes, or oils on first and let it dry before wearing. 
  • If your jewelry with SPACERS need to be cleaned, we recommend cleaning it with a jewelry cloth. DO NOT USE JEWELRY CLOTH on necklaces or earrings. The chemicals in jewelry cloths will rub off the tarnish resistant lacquer. Instead, use a damp cloth (never wet) to clean your stones and metal finishes and then dry it to ensure no moisture is left on your jewelry.
Crystal | Gemstone Care

Because certain gemstones are softer than others there is a possibility they can begin to dissolve or fade when exposed to water or other elements. Below we have listed crystals that should be kept away from water and out of the sun for long periods of time.  Crystals that dissolve much faster than others and will be denoted with an (*).  Those that can be damaged by saltwater will be denoted with a (+).  Those that are toxic when left in water will be denoted with a (-).

Keep Away From Water:

Angelite | Apatite – | Azurite | Black Tourmaline + | Calcite + | Celestite * | Cinnabar *- | Desert Rose * | Flourite + | Hematite | Jet * | Kyanite * | Labradorite – | Lapis Lazuli * | Lepidolite * | Malachite *+- | Opal | Pyrite – | Selenite * | Tangerine Quartz * | Turquoise *-

Keep Away From the Sun:

Amethyst | Ametrine | Apatite | Aquamarine | Aventurine | Calcite | Citrine | Fluorite | Opal | Rose Quartz | All Quartz | Smoky Quartz | Super Seven |  Unakite

Storing Your Jewelry
  • Necklaces: to keep necklaces from tangling they should be stored hanging in a jewelry box.  
  • Earrings: should be placed in a jewelry box and not in a bowl or basket to ensure they do not get scratched
  • Bracelets: should be stored flat in a clean dry place. 
  • Silver: because silver tarnishes, silver should be stored in a drawer that is air-tight and seals.  If you do not have an air-tight drawer,  place your (dry) silver items in a ziplock baggie, remove as much air as possible and then place them in a jewelry box. 


For other questions and concerns, send us a message