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Bloodstone ~ Revitalizing Love, Purification, Prosperity

The first time I was introduced to Bloodstone, I was researching a stone for a client who had high blood pressure.  I’d seen Bloodstone before and was never truly attracted to it but after researching it I realized this stone was brought to my attention because my subconscious knew I needed it even if my eyes weren’t drawn to it’s underlying beauty.         

To make it simple, Bloodstone is associated with the following:

  • Keywords: Intuition, Love, Selflessness, Strength, Vitality, Courage
  • Element: Earth
  • Chakras: Higher Heart, Root, Realigns Lower Chakras
  • Number: 4 & 6
  • Planet: Mars
  • Astrological: Aries, Libra, Pisces
  • Birthdates: Jan 12-14

The Ancient History of Bloodstone


Ancient Egyptians believed that bloodstone could magically defeat their enemies by giving them increased strength and giving them invisibility; they also used bloodstone to shrink tumors.  It was used in amulets and seals as far back as ancient Babylonia.  Greeks and Romans wore bloodstone in athletic games to increase their strength and endurance. In Christianity, the flecks of red are said to be from the blood of Christ when blood-stained pieces of dark green jasper at the foot of his crucifixion.  In the middle ages, bloodstone was ground into honey and eggs and believed to cure tumors.  It was also used by alchemists to cure blood poisoning and draw out venom.

Health Benefits

Bloodstone is known to increase stamina and is useful for ailments of the blood.  It overcomes blood weaknesses/diseases like anemia, iron deficiencies, nose bleeds, hemorrhaging, blood clots, wounds, and leukemia, by strengthening, purifying and fortifying the blood, and improving the circulatory system.  It stimulates and detoxes the liver, kidneys, intestines, spleen, bladder, blood, blood-rich organs, bone marrow, joints, and endocrine system.  Bloodstone reduces the production of pus.  It is said to be useful in balancing hormonal issues in women, regulating the menstrual flow, and assisting with menopause.  Bloodstone is good for clotting blood, supporting the lymph, immune and metabolic processes.  Lastly, Bloodstone strengthens the mind.

Let’s Get (Meta)Physical

Bloodstone is said to keep undesirable influences from affecting its wearer, helping them navigate dangerous situations by banishing evil.  It said to be a stone that can control the weather.  It assists by grounding the hearts’ energy and heightens intuition.  It increases creativity and is a powerful dream energizer.  It calms the mind, dispels confusion, and enhances decision making.  Bloodstone revitalizes the mind when exhausted.  It can be used to cleanse the root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras and realigns their energy.  Bloodstone helps the wearer overcome fear and build courage while strengthening the root and heart chakras.  This a good stone for emotional centering, overcoming everyday stresses and aggression, and controlling a bad temper.

Powerful Combos

♦ Bloodstone and Tigers Eye is a great combo to build courage and your truth

♦ Bloodstone, Tigers Eye and Lapis Lazuli are a great combo for having courage in love and loving relationships

♦ Bloodstone, Bornite, Hematite, and Prehnite are a good combo to wear when suffering from anemia

♦ Bloodstone, Sapphire, and Shattuckite are good for minor bleeding and blood clotting issues.

♦ Bloodstone, Larimar, and Orange Calcite lessen a bad temper and aggression.


Personally, I have found that wearing Aquamarine with Aqua Terra Jasper, Amazonite and Green Aventurine puts helps me stay in a pleasant mood.  I feel empowered and can sense the positive energy from those around me.  I feel a love for myself that makes me feel confident in my appearance.  Aquamarine definitely gives me energy and clear thought when I feel tired of overwhelmed.

Share your experiences with Aquamarine in the comments.  We would love to hear from you and learn about your encounters with Aquamarine and what you feel it did or did not do for you.  

Please Read

** Disclaimer ** All jewelry is handmade and most we designed with healing gemstones and crystals, with some glass beads included.  If glass beads are included it will be denoted in the information above.  Most bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are unique, one of a kind pieces, with duplicates made by request and at our discretion.  Please be advised that Earth + Fire cannot & does not guarantee the healing properties of any particular gemstone or crystal.  Information is gathered from several different sites and books.  Healing property info is given above to inform you of their possible potential only.


About the author

I’ve always loved rocks. As a child, at recess, I would collect the rocks on the playground. I remember my mother having to always empty my pockets before washing clothes. As an adult my love for rocks is just as strong but now I know what those beautiful rocks/gemstones do to heal the body, mind and spirit. I love making our beautiful jewelry. It makes me feel good to share the positive energy & love that flows through me and into each beautiful piece of healing gemstone jewelry I make for Earth + fire.

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