Aquamarine is another one of my favorite stones.  Even though my favorite colors are Orange, Red & Yellow; when it comes to healing stones I’m drawn to light blues and greens.  Aquamarine reminds me of the beautiful water off the beaches in Cancun Mexico and the Lagoons of Negril Jamaica.

To make it simple Aquamarine is associated with the following:

  • Keywords: Cooling | Calming | Clear Communication | courage
  • Element: Water
  • Chakras: Aligns All Chakras | Throat | Heart | Third Eye
  • Number: 1
  • Planet: Moon
  • Astrological sign: Aries | Pisces | Gemini
The Ancient History of Aquamarine
The Egyptian’s, Hebrews and Sumerians all used Aquamarine as a symbol of everlasting youth and happiness. In Ancient Lore it was the treasure of mermaids used by sailors as a stone of good luck, protection and fearlessness.  It was also believed that if used in battle the wearers would be victorious. It was sometimes used as an antidote to poison in Europe for the Royal Family.  Many believed that when Aquamarine was cut into a crystal ball it could be used to assist fortune tellers.
Health Benefits
Aquamarine is a cooling stone; therefore, it is great for women who have hot flashes.  Because Aquamarine activates the throat chakra it is said to be good for counteracting those suffering from infection, laryngitis, strep throat or a sore throat.  It has been used to treat swollen glands, skin irritations such as hives, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.  It can also aid those with herpes to prevent outbreaks as well as calming down allergy symptoms.  It has been credited it with curing belching, yawning and is said to cure ailments of the jaw, toothaches, stomach, and liver.  It is also known for improving the health of one’s eyes and improving vision, regardless if you are near or farsighted.  Lastly, Aquamarine assists with the healing of inflammatory disease of any type. 
Let's Get (Meta) Physical

Aquamarine is a stone of courage because it helps the wearer to overcome the fear of the unknown. It is also the stone of emotional restraint and is good to use in situations where tempers may rise. It is a powerful emotional cleanser; it provides a cool calming effect, when activated by the throat chakra, it allows for clear communication unburdened by flashes of anger.  It allows for the wearer to not only overcome the fear of speaking but to also speak clearly their highest truth.  This gemstone calms and relaxes while at the same time providing a refreshing alert energy that makes the wearer fully aware of their own wisdom and knowledge, allowing for communication that is articulate, concise and easy for those listening to understand.  Aquamarine brings one in touch with their deepest emotions, helping those suffering from grief of a loved one by permitting them to release the physical and while maintaining a positive emotional connection to the spiritual being. 

  • For Women: It enhances intuition and gives courage and clarity to one’s inner being.  It allows for ease in communication with the inner Goddess
  • For Men: Aquamarine takes away emotional numbness and allows for ease when communicating uncomfortable feelings
  • For children: It can help a child that is shy speak up

By aligning all the chakras, Aquamarine provides shielding of the aura and allows the wearer to always be prepared.  It clarifies perception by filtering the information received by the brain. It assists the wearer with meditation and being more in tune with the spiritual levels of awareness by enhancing the connection to one’s higher self.  It is good for those dealing with excessive anger by clearing patterns of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.  This stone is good for children that have experienced traumatic situations and act out aggressively towards others.  It is a good stone to give to those who hold grudges; it assists them in clearing emotional scorecards by letting go of the past.  

Powerful combos

Powerful Combos

  • To enhance the activation of the throat chakra, especially for those who tend to not speak up for fear of confrontation; combine Aquamarine with Amazonite, Joite, Larimar, Aqua Aura Quartz, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise.
  • To enhance communication and the connection to the Devine Feminine; combine the following communication stones: Aquamarine with Larimar, Gem Silica, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and Ajoite. 
  • Combine Heliodor and Aquamarine to activate the throat and solar plexus to powerfully speak words into action.
  • Combine Aquamarine and Morganite to assist with expression of compassion and love, and to smoothly move through spiritual transformations
  • Combining Emerald and Aquamarine activates the heart and throat chakras, increasing truth, allowing for success through sight and speech.

Personally, I have found that wearing Aquamarine with Aqua Terra Jasper, Amazonite and Green Aventurine puts helps me stay in a pleasant mood.  I feel empowered and can sense the positive energy from those around me.  I feel a love for myself that makes me feel confident in my appearance.  Aquamarine definitely gives me energy and clear thought when I feel tired of overwhelmed.

Share your experiences with Aquamarine in the comments.  We would love to hear from you and learn about your encounters with Aquamarine and what you feel it did or did not do for you

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