How to Knot A Mala Tutorial

Click the image above or HERE to watch the tutorial.

Knotting was the biggest challenge I had when I began making mala’s.  Although I watched many videos, I had to come up with my own way of knotting the string.  This short “how to” covers the technique I use for knotting the cord between gemstones to ensure your stones are close together.  I suggest practicing this technique several times before creating a finished product.  Expect it to take several hours to complete a 108 stone mala.  Be ready for mistakes and be ok with taking your mala’s apart and starting over several times in the beginning.  Learning to make Mala’s takes time but it is so rewarding once you have it figured it.  You are going to love it, give yourself some grace, and hang in there. 

Below is a list of supplies / items used in the tutorial: 

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