Tiger’s Eye

I realized how beautiful Tiger’s Eye could be when I started making my jewelry and handpicking the stones we use in our jewelry.  I’m sure in the past; I was probably looking at either fake or low-grade stones.  Now that I have been able to touch them and turn them in the light to see how it reflects, I can now say its one of my favorite stones and one of The Most Beautiful.  I love the gradient bands of glowing gold and how they blend so perfectly into, yet still contrast, the brown; it is simply mesmerizing.  There are three different colors of Tiger’s Eye, Red, Blue & Yellow (above, I am referring to the Yellow|Brown).  Now let me share with you how powerful this beautiful stone can be.

Tiger's Eye - The Quick Explanation

To make it simple, Tiger’s Eye is associated with the following:

  • Keywords: Balance, Vitality, Strength, Fairness
  • Element: Fire, Earth
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd)|Sacral/Sexual/Creative (2nd) | Root/Base (1st) |Third Eye/Ajna (6th)
  • Number: 4
  • Planet: Sun
  • Astrological: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Birthdates: Feb 4th-6th, Nov 23rd – 24th

Ancient History of Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye was used by the early Sri Lankans as a protection talisman from evil spirits, giving them the courage and protection of the King of Beasts, the Magical Tiger.  The Ancient Egyptians wore it as jewelry, believing that it would bare the wearer the protection of the Sun God Ra and the Earth God Geb.  The Ancient Chinese also believed that Tiger’s Eye would bring them good luck.  Also known as the Wolf stone & Oculus Belus, it was dedicated to the Ancient Mesopotamian God Belus.  Lastly, Roman soldiers were known to wear a Tiger’s Eye amulet to make them braver.  It was said to deflect weapons and protect the Roman soldiers during battle.

Health Benefits of Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is known to heal eye diseases, enhancing eyesight and night vision – it is supposed to help you to see like a cat.  It balances the body’s energy flow and the yin & yang.  Placing Tiger’s Eye on either side of the head will energetically rebalance the brain’s hemispheres. 

It is an excellent stone for healing the throat, assisting digestion, lowering blood pressure, healing broken bones, and stimulating the repair of other bone issues.  Placing Tiger’s Eye over your reproductive organs can encourage fertility, increases the sex drive, and resolves negative past sexual experiences.

Tiger’s Eye is said to harness the energy of the sun and aids those who suffer from seasonal disorders or depression.  It respirates the cells and increases metabolism.  It is also known to assist with improving communication when needed by holding it in either hand, worn as jewelry, or carried in a pocket.

In short, Physiologically, Tiger’s Eye Corresponds with the brain, liver, throat, organs, eyes, reproductive organs, and bones.

Let's Talk Chakra's

Tiger’s Eye | Sacral Chakra:  Sacral Chakra imbalances can be identified as clinginess, being the victim, fear, overindulgence, judgment, or having control issues.  Tiger’s Eye gives confidence, open-mindedness, a boost in energy, focus, personal power, and emotional grounding to offset the emotional imbalances listed above. 

Tiger’s Eye | Base / Root Chakra: Root Chakra imbalances can be identified as weak/passive, unmotivated, controlling, addiction / addictive behavior, or greed.  Tiger’s Eye assists with balancing the above by imparting energy, giving focus and emotional strength; it deters prejudices, gives courage, and brings harmony and inner peace. 

Let’s Get (Meta)Physical

Being a Solar Stone, Tiger’s Eye promotes vitality, realism, and physical action.  It is a stone of mental clarity and is excellent for healing mental dis-ease and personality disorders.  It is a calming and grounding stone that allows for resolving internal conflicts.

It sharpens the intellect, helps with self-expression, self-criticism, and self-love, and helps you realize your goals.  Tiger’s Eye builds confidence, enhances motivation, provides energy, and increases willpower.  Tiger’s Eye lifts the mood and alleviates depression.  It also dispels inhibitions, introversion, fear, prejudice, and intolerance.

When placed over the lower chakras, Tigers Eye can stimulate the Kundalini  Energy and give all chakras an energetic boost.   It activates and aligns the lower chakras drawing upon the primal strength and creativity inside you.  It helps you recognize hidden talents and abilities while also helping you overcome faults and addictive personality issues.

Tiger’s Eye enhances the physical ability of earthy people.  It is a balance and harmony stone, helping you find the true center.  It is an excellent stone to wear in negotiations between opposing sides; it allows you to see both sides of a disagreement and find common ground resolution.

Tiger’s Eye teaches the user or wearer the proper use of power by teaching you how you have misused, abused, or failed to claim your power in the past.  It teaches you how to let your power flow through you for good in all things.    

Tiger’s Eye can help you develop a more assertive personality balanced by sensitivity.  This stone can help you trust the future when it becomes difficult to remain optimistic or when situations seem to be headed in the wrong direction.  It enables you to set realistic goals, balances your needs with the needs of others, and increases courage.

Tiger’s Eye helps those who make emotion-based decisions to make decisions based on logic and reason.  Tiger’s Eye helps relieve stress, deflect negative energy, allows the wearer to overcome laziness, and breaks cycles of inactivity.  It also removes worry and depression and helps encourage new beginnings, leading to abundance, wealth, and success.

Powerful Combos

Placing a grid or grids of Tiger’s Eye in your home will help you attract abundance and good health by deflecting those things that absorb or draw abundance away from you.

Powerful Combos

    • Vitality, Positivity & Strength: Tiger’s Eye with the Quartz Family, Malachite, Seraphinite, Jaspers, Moldavite, Charoite
    • Anemia:  Carry or wear Tiger’s Ey with any combination of Bloodstone, Bornite, Citrine, Hematite, Meteorite, Prehnite, and Ruby 24 hours a day.
    • Anal Discomfort | Hemorrhoids | Crohn’s: Each day, place Tiger’s Eye with Citrine and/or Falcons Eye under the cushion on your seat.
    • Balance issues: Hold and sit quietly for 30 minutes a day with Tiger’s Eye and any combination of Tourmaline, Orange Calcite, Emerald, Dioptase, Sodalite, Quartz, Jade, Malachite, Bloodstone, and Amethyst until balance returns.
    • Digestive Issues: Carry or wear Tiger’s Eye with any combination of Citrine, Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, Labradorite, Pearl, Green Moss Agate, Yellow Jasper, and Peridot

** Warning: Tiger’s eye contains asbestos so be sure to wash your hands when handling the unpolished stones**

Share your experiences with Tiger’s Eye in the comments.  We would love to hear from you and learn about your encounters with Tiger’s Eye and what you feel it did or did not do for you.