Jan 18

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is known to heal eye diseases, enhancing eyesight and night vision - it is supposed to help you see like a cat. It balances the body's energy flow and the Yin & Yang

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Sep 29

Black Tourmaline

Known as the feel better stone, by carrying, wearing, or even placing it in the room, Black Tourmaline cleanses the auric field of all negative energy. It is a good stone for eliminating negative thinking, anger, and anxiety by promoting self worth, self confidence, removing fear and the feeling of victimization. It is especially good…

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Aug 06

Malachite – The Stone of Transformation

Malachite is great for people in positions of great responsibility, such as business owners or religious leaders. It assists them in carrying out the Devine Will, giving them the confidence needed to make sound decisions to stay true to the direction that benefits their business or organization.

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Jan 30


  Aquamarine is another one of my favorite stones.  Even though my favorite colors are Orange, Red & Yellow; when it comes to healing stones I’m drawn to light blues and greens.  Aquamarine reminds me of the beautiful water off the beaches in Cancun Mexico and the Lagoons of Negril Jamaica. To make it simple…

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